One Dozen Tricks for Better Blogging // Vol. 1

1// Keep a list of post ideas to make running out of inspiration hard

2// Proofread

3// Proofread

4// Proofread

5// Preview your posts before publication; proofreading is easier that way

6// Learn how to create a drop-down menu so page organization is better

7// Use as many social media outlets as you can to promote as many posts as you can

8// Practice

9// Learn what works and what doesn't

10// Take your own photographs if possible -- no web copying unless it's an “inspo” post like this

11// An image in every post

12// Organize your sidebar in a such a way that drive more clicks


  1. Great advice, Hannah. I will confess I don't take many of my own photos, but fortunately there are sites that let bloggers (or any online media) use their photos, which is really a nice service. :)

    1. Yes, exactly :) I should have noted that on my book blog I don't do that either.... I think on a lifestyle blog, (mostly) taking your own photos is essential, and I'm still trying to work toward all my images being 100% original. On a book/film/television blog, you can't get good images without using the Internet :) Thanks for pointing that out!


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