5 Steps to a Spring-Fresh Wardrobe

The longer I live the faster time passes.

That was a free profound quote brought to you by your editor-in-chief.

I was recently inspired to create a post on my top advice for refreshing one's wardrobe for spring. If you're anything like me, you might be feeling doldrum-y with the lack of sunlight and (just maybe) a closet that needs some serious updating. I know lately I've just wanted to shop till I drop . . . if only I had an endless amount of funds! Of course I also believe that I just want to use shopping as an excuse to procrastinate on all my calculus homework. . . .

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut because you didn't come to hear me blab, here are my five steps to a wardrobe perfectly fit for spring.


Time to say goodbye till Thanksgiving! or whenever you start wearing trench coats again. Take your sweaters, boots, and anything that's too warm for the next few months and store it in a box or tub. It's a lot easier to navigate a closet that isn't partially taken up by clothes you will never choose to wear anyway.


Now you get to get out that other tub stuffed out of sight that holds all your fun spring and summer shoes and dresses! And on to the next step -- 


If you're not in the habit of wearing every piece of your clothing on a regular basis -- or if you don't have clothes that my sister likes to call “foolproof” -- for a picture-perfect spring wardrobe, you'll need to try everything on. Make sure your pieces look flattering on you, that they aren't too tight, too stretched, or too loose. Furthermore, maybe your style has changed over the past year. Maybe you're less classic and more boho. Usually all you'll need is a gut feeling. If you know you don't like it, great. Kudos for being decisive. Now you can donate it if you dislike it and keep it if you like it.


Second check? For the clothes that look really worn out. You might love a piece for its versatility or comfort, but if it looks like it's been through the garbage dump and back, you should probably get rid of it. Signs of this are pilling, stains you've tried and tried to clean but just can't get rid of, and holes you can't mend. Do yourself a favor and just throw them out (garbage or donation, your choice -- though please thoughtfully consider whether a donation would be beneficial to someone in need or if it would be better to just toss it).


Now the funnest part of all! If you desire, now's the time to go shopping for some spring and summer wear. A nice white dress, floral heels, a new purse. . . . Need an excuse to go shopping? Cool cuz I just gave you one.

If your wardrobe is pretty large, you might need to purposefully set aside time for each step, because, granted, cleaning out one's wardrobe is often not a simple task, and largely depends on one's mood at the time. (“I feel so fat in this!” “I look terrible all the time!” I know we can all relate to at least one of those two exclamations.) Take deep breaths, be positive, don't focus on yourself too much, etc. . . . And mostly have fun!

You've made me curious! How do you clean out your wardrobe for spring?


  1. I feel really silly to admit this, but spring comes and I only want to buy pretty clothes! It really is the time to buy new underwear and exercise clothes, but why? Why when I can buy floral crowns and skirts? Ah Spring! You do mischief to my head!

    1. Oh I know, I'm the same way! I love florals. I recently went shopping and got a few brightly patterned shirts/skirts for spring. I've worn most of them and am loving the change of color!

      Thanks for commenting, OldFashionGirl -- I usually respond much more quickly than this; I have no idea how I lost your comment!

  2. Always a fun time of year; bring out the lighter, brighter colors of spring in your wardrobe! Love it. Also, it should be noted that I am always tempted to BUY all the new pretties (new trends) at favorite stores! ;)

    1. Oh, me too, Rissi! I've been drooling over the spring lines in every department store I walk into :P


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