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I am not who you think (a response post)

“Few people are capable of understanding complex mathematics.” It's summer now. I'm sitting in my red cozy chair, with a view of Mount Adams out the nearest window. The school year is over, and with it, my time at Central Washington University. I graduated with my mathematics degree, an achievement which, for a while, seemed a long time coming, but now appears to have flown by in a whirlwind. I graduated summa cum laude and Dean's scholar. I do not write the preceding sentence to garner attention, but rather because the information is necessary to the remainder of this post. (There's also a black mark on my transcript from my first abstract algebra course, and several other grades I'm not too proud of, in case you wanted to know. My math GPA didn't make it to summa cum laude status.)
One of my Facebook friends got wind of the news. I had Instagrammed a photo of me turning the knob on my Ellensburg apartment for the last time, and the Facebook friend commented on…

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