Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Blessings | Vol. 3

33 | A quick recovery from the stomach flu (no worries, this happened in early August :))

34 | PC-free-successful Sundays

35 | Sleeping shirts

36 | Going to the Lake with best friends & best cousins

37 | Stress-free vacations

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Better Blogging | Pictures, Layout, & Content

Hi! Today's topic is better blogging in terms of photography, the layout/design of your blog, and its content. One of you requested this in the reader survey (or Q & A . . . I'm not remembering at the moment) I did in the beginning of the year -- so thank you to whomever it was :)


I run a fashion blog. (Thank you, Captain Obvious.) Photographs are extremely important on a fashion blog -- as important as a food blogger's pictures and even, I might say, as important as a professional photographer's portfolio. A bad photograph sends the impression that the photographer herself (assuming we're all female fashion bloggers here) is unprofessional. A bad photograph doesn't immediately draw the eye (except to its inferiority) like a good one does; and, as you might imagine, your social media capabilities are shot on platforms such as Pinterest, which revolve around excellent photographs.
I have it on professional authority that this was one of the better pictures I've taken.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer 2015 Favorites

It's been like FOREVER since I did one of these posts (MARCH, I think? Yikes). Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashion reminded me that, since I haven't been successful at posting regularly of late (due to having to save about $600 for a new camera), this topic is one that I can post on since I can pull images off Pinterest. :) Beware: this is going to be a pretty long list since I have three-ish months to cover ;)


Burt's Bees - Pomegranate Lip Balm Tube
I recently rediscovered my love for this lip balm when applying it in haste to get ready for work. Sometimes I find it too slimy, but in combination with a light layer of foundation and a few coats of mascara its sheen substitutes for a lip gloss. This lip balm is also highly moisturizing.