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but be thankful

While I sat waiting for the doctor, I skimmed this article by Fam Bam. I've never related to an article so much. “Maybe I'll go back and edit this before you read it,” she writes, expressing a feeling I think of every time I hit “publish” on Blogger. “I want to talk about what's messy. I don't want to talk about how lucky I am or how privileged I am to be able to say I'm a graduate student.”

When I said “I was fully funded to Oregon State,” someone once looked at me and sarcastically stated, “We feel so bad for you,” with a derisive laugh. When I cried tears of loneliness and unhappiness and grief, I heard “Just think of this as an opportunity, something fun you can do.” Or, worst of all: “Just be thankful for where you are. You have a lot of good things going for you, but you tend to see more the negative side of things.”

They mean well.

Like fambam210139708, “[s]ometimes I write to gain clarity and some perspective. Other times I write just to blow off steam.” S…

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