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Random Bits of Advice to a New Math Major

1. Reviewing lecture notes and memorizing definitions and theorems is actually really helpful to your learning.
2. Involve yourself in lectures! Talking in class boosts your self-confidence and your learning. 3. Start your homework as early as possible! This will get you better grades and give you a higher understanding.
4. Go to office hours and ask questions.
5. Be respectful to your professors, and remember they are human beings just like you. Give them the benefit of the doubt whenever you can.
6. Keep an assignment calendar and try to keep it updated as far in advance as possible -- even to the end of the quarter or semester if you already know assignment due dates.
7. Take care of yourself. Try to sleep, try to eat mostly foods you make, try not to overconsume coffee, try to figure out what supplements work for you, try to find some sort of physical activity you enjoy and do it a few times a week, try to take time away from math and do other things you enjoy.
8. Burnout is, unf…

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